Little Big Things

All the pretty things

I dont remember having barbies when I grew up. Im sure I had some, I just dont remember having them. I remember this wooden stacking toy, but not barbies.
il_fullxfull_273788691 Then there was that one friend that had all the barbies. All the shoes, clothes, even the hangers. She had all the pretty things. And she never let me play with them. I would go to her house, she would give me one barbie and that was it. No changing her clothing, no playing with her hair, and worst of all, no playing with the shoes. Oh how I longed to play with those shoes. But alas, I never even got near them.
Barbie_Misc_Accessories[1]. I dont remember having the cool toys, whatever they were at that time, and even if I did have a part of any set, I never had all the accessories. Now my house looks like Toys R Us. I have almost every Thomas Train that I could get my hands of for my boys. We have every version of Batman and all his Superhero friends, and their swords, and capes, and whatever else they come with. Thank goodness for stores like Five Below where I can make sure these boys have all the action figures from Thundercats, and their vehicles, and THANK GOODNESS for Ikea. Where I can organize all of these THINGS neatly. Everything has its place. And then it happened. I had a daughter. At 14 months it began yesterday. I got my princess her first Barbie. She is a simple brown haired doll. Just a two piece swimsuit, nothing little that can be choked on. No shoes, no necklaces, no earrings. Yet, this simple doll is loved. My daughter has not let go of her newest toy. She goes everywhere with her new best friend, and nothing makes this simple mommy happier.


3 thoughts on “All the pretty things

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  2. I remember coming over to your house and playing with your collection of small plastic cabbage patch figurines … the cabbage patch that stood on her head, and the one with the umbrella. I loved those toys.

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