Me Myself and You

Down the rabbit hole

So here I am. Writing a blog. Imagining that other people not only care but are interested in what I have to say. Pretty egotistical if I say so myself. I am no one spectacular. I have not accomplished anything amazing. There will be no Nobel prizes, no Oscars, no Emmys here. But perhaps I can share a little about me, who I am, what I have been through and maybe, just maybe we can all learn, and even maybe grow a little together. I think of my sister as I write this-one of the reasons I am venturing down this rabbit hole. She makes me laugh, makes me cry, and most of all makes me reflect everytime I read her blog. I think of an old sleepaway camp friend that is a premiere mommy blogger that brings a smile to my face when I just want to punch someone, and so I too will share myself with anyone willing to take the trip with me. I will bare my soul. I will be more honest that I have been in a long time. There will be tears, there will be laughter, but hopefully there will be growth. My sister once told me-Life is like a ladder. You can go up, or you can go down but you can never stay in the same place. I choose to go up, and hope you all come with me.

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