The kiddos

Cry Me a River


No. A simple two letter word.  One syllable but no further explanation is needed. No is usually self explanatory.Unless you have kids. Or work with adults that act like kids. This was one of the first words my daughter said. This is what both my sons say to me when they are mad, and then look at me over their long eyelashes waiting for the look. We all know that look.  Its the one moms give their kids to let them know they just crossed that invisible line from being cute to being punished.  No is the one word my finance just can not say to our little girl.  Well he says no but she knows he doesnt mean it. EVER.  She is at that age where she is pushing the limits and seeing how far she can go. This 14 month old little girl already knows that with Mommy, no means no.  When mommy is around a tantrum lasts less then 30 seconds.  But with Daddy, well no usually means no RIGHT NOW but with a little whine, maybe a tear or two that NO will turn into a YES.  I try to tell him, you are creating a monster. I tell him, ignore her and she will stop.  She is just trying to see how far she can push you. He then gives me that look. That look that fathers have been giving mothers for years when it comes to their daughters. That look that I gave him when my two boys behaved the same way at that age. That look that tells me that  I will be the disciplinarian for her as much as he as he is the disciplinarian for the boys.  So as she throws a temper tantrum I kick him out of the room and slowly the whining slows down to a whimper, and then stops.  And as soon as he walks back in it starts all over again. And he pulls his little princess close to him. No matter what, she can do no wrong.  That is his princess and he does not want anything to make her sad. To make her fret. To make her cry. Shes daddys little girl.  He is her protector and that is just how it should be.

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