Me Myself and You

The left side of what?

I am a lefty. To the dismay of my grandmother, I write with my left hand. I have been told that as a young child she would put the crayons in my right hand and slap my left hand.  It didn’t work. Not even a little bit. I like being a lefty. My brother is a lefty, My fiance is a lefty. My stepson is a lefty. My middle son is a lefty, and it is looking like my daughter will be a lefty too.  We are a special bunch and not the short bus special.


In my experiences, we lefty’s are creative.  I love to scrapbook and I like to imagine that I am pretty crafty. But I do have a right side to me as well. I shoot a basketball with my left hand, but dribble with my right. I use scissors with my right hand-those lefty scissors just confuse me. And I was lucky enough to have a left handed pemnanship teacher so I can write scrip without that signature left handed hook. But I hold tight to my left handedness. I get a kick when people say to me “I didnt know you were left-handed. That explains alot”  Not that I am so sure what that explains, other then that I write with my left hand. I like being special. Different. I think its cool. I march to my own drummer. It is one of those traits that drove my parents crazy, and its one of those traits that I am glad to teach my little ones. Be yourself. Dont worry about what others think. Be a leader. Its ok to be different as long as you stay true to yourself.

2 thoughts on “The left side of what?

  1. I, too, am so grateful that our teacher was a lefty when we were learning to write script, It’s actually something I consciously think about. Not that my handwriting is so great. But when I think about what it would have been otherwise… thank goodness she was a lefty! 🙂

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