Trials and Tribulations

Hurry up and wait

I am not patient.  I have a condition called “ants in my pants”.

I have passed this condition on to my kids. So today was a real struggle for me. I had to go to hell, um I mean the local Social Security office. With three kids ages 5, 4, 14 months. In my imagination. I was going to get there ten minutes before they opened so I would be first and it would be a quick trip. In reality, I was late, because except for when I was born I doubt I have been early or on time for anything. EVER. I will be late to my own funeral. I was late to the hospital the day I was getting induced to give birth to my daughter. You get the idea.  So only after waiting five minutes to get a parking spot, of course there are only ten spots for “visitors” to the building (another well thought out government plan) we got inside.  I had enough foresight to bring snacks, Nintendo DS’s. and drinks but did not realize that you can not eat or drink in the waiting room. Lovely. I got my number, got called very quickly, explained why I was there and was told to have a seat. The time was 10:45 am.  And then we waited. And waited.  11:45 rolls around the kids are starting to lose it. My fiance takes them into the hallway for a snack. And we waited. 12:45 rolls around and it looks like half the office staff goes out to lunch.  And we waited. And waited, and waited. By 1:30 I was about to walk out. My daughter was already crying, my kids were starving and whining, and fighting.  One woman starting talking to her friend in Spanish about how my kids we annoying her, and it was my pleasure to tell her to stop talking smack about my family, In Spanish. Classic. Note to all-you never know what languages people speak so be careful what you say. Finally at 2pm they called us. Finally. My daughter was sleeping. Finally.

Did anyone else know you that you cant take a picture in a government office?

Did anyone else know you that you cant take a picture in a government office?

I took care of most of the things I came in to do. Finally.  I was  glad to get out of there. Finally.  But I learned a lesson today. I was able to hold it together-at least on the outside, I grew up a little today. I was calm, and nice. I did not yell or curse anyone out (I tend to get aggrivated very fast).  I was an adult. And lucky me, I get to practice my new skill in three weeks. When I get to go back to that same office and hurry up and wait.

2 thoughts on “Hurry up and wait

  1. Oh my God, one of those lovely parenting moments you’ll remember for the rest of your life. I can tell you – I’m afraid, I have ants not only in my pants. And it looks like all my children got it from me. It makes our family life very interesting at times 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this moment of your life. Loved it 🙂

    • In reality, the kids were pretty good-I mean we were there for over 4 hours…But the look on that womans face…Classic! Glad you enjoyed!!!!!!

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