Trials and Tribulations

Damn Sandy, you mean mean bitch…

DSCF0784One summer when I was little my mom and I went to the beach at the Jersey Shore every day during the summer. We went to a place called Seven Presidents Park in Long Branch, NJ. She was from Miami and she shared her love of the ocean with me.  It was there that I got my first jellyfish sting. It was there that I learned about the green ocean that only a true Jersian loves and doesnt think of as gross-personally there is something weird to me about clear blue water!  As a young adult I had a season pass to the Belmar Beach.  I even ventured to beach F in Sandy Hook (thats the nude beach that sounds fantastic but is a bunch of old wrinkly people). That was a very short lived visit.  So I can not explain in words how excited I was when I had the chance to move to an apartment two blocks from the bay. The town was called Keansburg, NJ. This town has a small amusement park and a small waterpark. Oh the fun times we had at that waterpark. My kids first rollercoater ride. Making sandcastles a stones throw away from my front step. But then I had to move. In August of 2012. I was angry. I was sad. Then came Sandy. That mean mean bitch Sandy. The town that I loved was 70% under water. The apartment that I brought my daughter to from the hospital was condemed. The fishing pier that we loved to walk on was destroyed. I couldnt go back. I couldnt bear to see what had become from this place that I loved. And then I met Carly. A McGowen.  A decendent of the family that built the childrens rides. And now I am involved with a project that not only makes me feel great but is helping the community that I loved as well. Keansberg Boardwalk Kids. Its a group on Facebook that you can post pictures of you and your kids having fun on the boardwalk. It started with 500 pictures, as of today there are 4,000.  I offered to take pictures of the rebuild. The wonderful owners are working day and night to get this small piece of heaven ready for a soft open on Easter Sunday. So today I took my newest toy, my FujiFilm X10 and shot. Color. Black and White. All of the above. And I cried. And I smiled. And I rejoiced at the perseverence of a small town on the Jersey Shore that refuses to be beaten by Sandy, that mean ,mean bitch.

The entrance to the amusement park

The entrance to the amusement park

Not open yet

Not open yet

Some of the street signs survived

Some of the street signs survived

The horses are ready to race The horses are ready to race

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