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Unsocial Media

no fbI quit Facebook. I did not warn anyone. I did not send a mass email. I just deactivated my account. One person called me. “Abby, are you ok? I was looking for your pictures and you just disappeared” I had hope. I could still communicate with people outside of this world of social media. As the days went on and NO ONE else seemed to care and I realized that I had been wasting so much time on this website. My birthday passed and I did not get a phone call. It has been almost 2 weeks and NOT ONE (besides the initial phone call) of my “friends” have attempted to contact me. Not even on my birthday this past saturday. I did get a message from my mom that my sister-in-law was insulted that I deleted her from my friends. Apparently I was forgiven when she was told I was no longer on Facebook. Of course me and this woman have not had an actual conversation in years so I am not really sure why she would even care. I have realized that this so-called “social” media is really destroying our society. We feel the need to let the world know every time we cross the street, but we don’t actually socialize with each other. My email and phone number have not changed. I am not unreachable. Even my hits on this blog have gone down. But I am much happier. Facebook is like a drug addiction. I literally had cravings after I deactivated to go back on. What if I miss something. And then I took a breath and realized. I would rather have a face to face conversation with anyone then to only have a relationship with them on the internet. We all need to unplug. Take time to actually spend TIME with each other. Talk to each other. Have a real conversation. I am off Facebook and I don’t think I will ever go back.

7 thoughts on “Unsocial Media

  1. Ha ha yes, but what about that one person with the 43 mutual friends, who looks like she lives the dream and is constantly showing up on our newsfeed with pictures of her perfect holiday or her perfect self with her perfect boyfriend in their perfect ferrari coming out from a perfect restaurant? How can we live without checking out how perfect her life is? How how how? 😛

  2. That is sad and hilarious. I think we both started out our posts the exact same way. So you only live about an hour or so from me. Want to meet for coffee some time? With or without kids?

    • YES YES YES !!!!!! I wanted to ask but I did want to be too pushy!!! I have always wanted to visit your area but never had a reason too! I am usually pretty open on the weekends. Email me and we can figure something out- my cell phone died otherwise I would tell you to call me!

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