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We moved and survived to tell about it

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMoving sucks. No matter which way you look at it, moving sucks. The packing, picking up, and unpacking is not fun. I moved last week. FINALLY. I was in-between my moms house and a storage unit. The worse part, I moved on a thursday. Yes, you read that correctly. I moved during the week. Now, there were some positives. I got a deal on my truck. Apparently its cheaper to move during the week-probably because only crazies like myself decide to do this. I had a goal. I took four days off from work and I was going to be moved into my new apartment and be totally unpacked before I went back to work. I had it all planned out in my mind. And of course as my 90 year old grandmother says, “Man plans, G-D laughs”. HE got a knee slapper on me. Wednesday night, as I am on my way to my storage unit to take out all the small items my car died. DEAD. Needed to be towed. Deep breath (cursing quietly the entire time). I decided to see that as a sign and I went home and decided to make a early night out of it. Woke up in the morning. Waited for the ONLY person that was going to help to get to my house and checked my bank account. Storage unit over charged me. ALOT. Shaking my head, I thought to myself “So this is how this day is going to be”. Got my truck, went to the unit, tore the manager and new A-hole and loaded all our stuff into my truck and my moms car. Phone rings. Its the mechanic. Good news-FINALLY. Car is not so expensive to fix. Minor repair. Things are looking up. We got all the stuff into the new place, set up our bed and fell out. The next day we started building. UGH, we need a special mattress for our sons bed. We cracked the drywall in the living room trying to put up the curtains. The refrigerator door handle is broken. I am trying to not have a nervous breakdown. Got the kids room done. The kitchen is done. Go to sleep. Wake up. Its my birthday. We build everything else and I look around. This once empty sparse apartment now looks amazing. My home. I have been there for a week and I am able to sit down and eat breakfast with my kids. We can sit around the table and eat dinner as a family. I did it. It was hard. I am exhausted. I am happy.

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