Little Big Things

Appreciate the little things because they are what count the most.


It’s the small things that count. I try to live by those words as much as I can. Appreciate the little gifts we get every day, and not sweat the small stuff. Ok, I know I sound like a bag of cliches, but I am totally serious. Last week I found out that one of my co-workers husbands has cancer. And they didn’t catch it early. She has a 3 year old. And a mortgage. I went home and kissed my fiance and told him how much I loved him that night. Suddenly, all those annoying habits were not so annoying anymore. All those little things that drove me crazy, didn’t drive me as crazy anymore.  Last week, my 93 year old grandfather fell and broke his pelvic bone. This man, who still tried to get to the gym everyday came out of surgery having no idea where he was, or who anyone was. He will not be able to return to his home. He will have to live out the rest of his life in an assisted living home so he can have around the clock care.  He has no idea. We do not think he will take to the news well.  I told my parents that night how much I loved them.  Today, I found out that one of my nieces had to have a procedure to find out why she was so little.  To find out why her younger brother (3 years younger) is taller and weighs more that she does. And I went home. And kissed my kids. And said a silent prayer to help her and help my sister who G-D knows does not need any more stress. And I was so happy that my kids are tall and eat everything in my house. And kissed my daughter who is growing and developing more and more each day. I look around at my small apartment that has turned into a home and I really appreciate the small things. All the little things that really count that most.  I may not have a lot of money. I may not have a big house. I may not have a fancy car. But I have my family. All in good health. All happy. And that is all that counts.

6 thoughts on “Appreciate the little things because they are what count the most.

  1. You are absolutely right. There is so much we often overlook when confronted with the day to day stuff of life. You have a wonderful outlook and I wish you the best in your journey. Your post really touched my heart. Thank you.

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