Little Big Things

Don’t be scared, its only G-D playing bowling ball

god bowling

Thats one of those little white lies that I told my kids tonight. After unusualy warm weather the past three days (it has been in the 80s) we are in the middle of a thunderstorm. Its one of those amazing torrential downpours that is romantic and amazing all at the same time.  All the windows are open, the house is cooled down, but after one of those loud thunders, all the kids freaked out. So, I pulled them all close and said “Don’t be scared, its only G-D playing bowling ball.” The scared brows straightened out. The fearful looks went away. We all sat looking out the window at the amazing show. Lightning rods streaked all over the dark sky. We counted slowly and then BOOM! The thunder. Shreiks of laughter followed. My middle child cracking up says “Whoa, HE’S having a good game!” I hope these are one of those nights they remember forever. The night thunder stopped being scary, and started to be fun.  I love storms like this and hopefully my kids do too.

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