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Today was a YES day.

DSCF1104Today was a YES day. The sky was a bright blue with those puffy white clouds floating above. There was a slight breeze that made us wear light jackets, but not strong enough to make us shiver. Today was a great day.  Me and the boys (it was still a bit chilly for the princess) went to the boardwalk. We went to the rides. We supported the little town of Keansburg that was hit hard by superstorm Sandy but got very little press.  As I drove through the familiar blocks that we once called home, it was to my delight that the boys squeeled in pleasure. “This is our old place. This is where we lived” I was so surprised that at the tender ages of 4 and 5 they recognized and remembered.  We were only there for a little over a year.  As they got more excited, I got more excited. I felt like a small child again and we walked onto the boardwalk and went to the ticket booth. 

We got tickets!

We got tickets!

Today was a yes day.  “Mommy. can we go on all the rides?”  I said YES.  “Mommy, can we have pizza, and soda, and ice cream?”

We all scream for ice cream

We all scream for ice cream

YES, YES, YES. “Mommy. can we play all the games?” YES. And we did it all. We went on all the rides that were open (they are still fixing and restoring and repairing). We had pizza and ice cream and soda. We played games and won prizes and smiled and laughed. We made new friends with the vendors who were so happy that we were there supporting them.We took pictures and ran and sat and smiled so much our faces hurt. Looking back at this day, it made me think. I am so quick to tell my kids no. No, you can not jump from the top bunk onto your brother. Because you are NOT John Cena and he is NOT Ray Misterio. No you can not push the cat off the top of the couch while hes napping. Although many of my nos are for good reason, to be able to just say YES all day felt wonderful. And I cant wait to have another YES day.

2 thoughts on “Today was a YES day.

  1. (Sorry, my iPhone went a little haywire when I tried to post my last comment…little kids leaving fingerprints on it!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say – you’re so right. I feel like I’m saying “no” all the time. It feels so good to just say yes! Great post.

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