Little Big Things

I have to win the Powerball, how else am I going to save the world?

So I didn’t win the Powerball last night. Ok, that’s a lie, I won $4.00. Yay. Now I can play again on Friday.

See line 2-my big win!

See line 2-my big win!

I must play, because winning is my backup plan. Don’t laugh, I am totally 100% serious. How else am I going to save the world? My thoughts go like this. I want to change the world. Help those in need and make a real difference. To do that I need money. The kind of money I will never earn at the job that I have. So, of course I am going to win the lottery. It just makes sense in the overall picture of the universe. Ok, slap in the head. Back to reality. The chances of this actually happening are slim. I don’t even want to see what the actually odds are. Especially because most of the winners are older white people from Rhode Island (smallest state, most big winning lottery winners-go figure).

There is actually a deeper meaning to all this. It’s about dreams. I have dreams. We all do. Mine, is to make a difference and go to beauty school-hey why not make the world a more beautiful place the same time as a more peaceful understanding place. Happy Pretty People. Everyone wins! Right now I can make a small difference one day at a time. Making my children more understanding people. Not throwing trash on the ground. Telling my story to anyone that needs to hear that even when things are terribly bad, they can always get better.

But I can imagine the possibilities with such a wonderful win. I can open another Domestic Violence Safehouse. I can donate to 180 Turning Lives Around another condo so that a survivor can have a new, safe place to live. I can ensure the future of my children and their children. I can help my sister, my parents and others that are really in need. You would see me in years to come, living in a modest but comfortable home-probably still driving a minivan but I would be able to spend my time giving back to all those that gave me.
So come on Karma, let me win the Powerball so we can change the world together.

3 thoughts on “I have to win the Powerball, how else am I going to save the world?

    • So sorry, once again I try to leave a comment using the WordPress app on my iPhone and it goes all wonky from letting my kids chew on it. Go figure!!

      This sounds like me 🙂 I always figure the laws of nature dictate that I should win, right?! Good luck!!

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