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Laughter with a lesson

I know that everyone thinks that they have the funniest kids, and they cutest kids etc, etc, etc. But I have to say, my kids are the funniest. OK probably not the funniest, but pretty darn close. The mis sayings are my favorite. Here are some prime examples. I hope they make you laugh, or at least giggle a little! Let us start with this past Saturday. It has been super hot and the kids are going stir crazy in the house. So I asked them-where do you want to go to cool off? The two boys look at each other and whisper in each others ears(this is their new game)-In a shout my ever so funny middle child yells out “Lets go to the TINKLER park” Let me say that I had tears on this one, for multiple reasons:
1- I am sure that the kids that visit on occasion pee in the water there
2-Its actually a SPRINKLER park – one of the amazing FREE things in my area.

Fun in the "Tinkler" Park

Fun in the “Tinkler” Park

A few days ago my boys again asked me for a dog. This is something that they can not have in the apartment that we are in. Next year when we move into a house, we will be getting a dog. So as the big one asks again for this puppy, my middle child says to him “Joshua, you know we can’t have a dog, this COMPARTMENT is too small. ” Laughing I explained to him that the word is APARTMENT, and he looked as serious as a heart attack when he said-“um Mommy, thats what I said”.

Literally under a rest!

Literally under a rest!

Fast forward to this past Tuesday. I took the kids to Kohls to get summer sandals and out from the back stock area (right next to the shoe dept) came 4 police officers and a young girl in handcuffs. Aryeh looks very seriously at me and says “Mommy, that girl is UNDER THE REST. The police are taking her to jail” The last of the four police officers stopped, turned back and was very obviously holding back laughter and gave a wink and a high five to my very funny child. I then took the moment to explain to the kids-thats what happens when you steal. Totally a win-win for me. Laughter with a lesson. Whats better than that?

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