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Why I am the worst friend to have


I love people (for the most part). I love the human experience. I love speaking to people, hearing their stories, their struggles, their victories, and even sometimes living vicariously through them. But, I am the worst friend to have. I am loyal, and a GREAT secret keeper, I am just not great terrible at keeping in touch. I do not listen to voice mails, I am slow to respond to emails, and I NEVER remember to call you back. But do not mistake that for not caring. Please believe, I do care. I care so much that there are nights that I am thinking of my nearest and dearest, worrying about the issues that we discussed. 

I am just terrible at keeping in touch.  The amazing thing about my friends, however, is that they understand. They are never angry at me for the lapse in time that it takes for me to get back to them. Never is there an angry conversation about how I am irresponsible, or insensitive. When I do get back to you, the conversation continues on right where it left off.  It is if only a few minutes and not sometimes a few weeks have gone by.

I am lucky and blessed to have these few women in my life that get it. They are loving and wonderful and understanding. They accept my flaws and I accept theirs. I guess that is the meaning behind this today. When there is a real and true friendship, the little annoyances that we would not accept from others is allowed. What would not be ok from anyone else is fine when it comes to those few people that we really cherish in our lives. I am accepted even though I am the worst friend to have. 


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