‘Are you sure?’ prompt boxes

We all need to read this! Something funny to chuckle about!

middle class fury


Some things in life require an extra layer of confirmation; a nuclear launch for example. I’d be quite happy if, after having entered the launch codes and turned the keys simultaneously, a big monitor in the centre of the bunker flashed up with the message “Are you sure?”

It’s a valid question in such circumstances. And maybe, having been faced with such a succinct and direct challenge to this particular course of action, the President would pause for a moment of quiet contemplation, look up and see the tears in the frightened eyes of all around him, and conclude that there had to be a better way; that despite having lost the entire Eastern seaboard, condemning the entire world to annihilation just wasn’t going to make things any better.

But if I just want to log off the printer, such a failsafe really is an infuriating waste of my time.

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