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Northwest, Apple, and other ways you can torture your children


It is hard growing up today. It is nothing like when I was a kid (and that was really not that long ago). Between the terrible bullying, peer pressure, and social media there is enough to make your kids have a really hard time in school and with their peers. So why, please someone tell me WHY do these celebrities torture these kids with these ridiculous names?  Apple is a fruit (sorry Gwenyth) and Northwest is a direction-like “how do you get to the mall? You take Rt 18. for 10 miles northwest, then make a right.”

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Naming your kids is serious. It is not a joke and should not be taken lightly. A name means something. Where I come from, we name after someone that has passed away so that their name and life can be continued. Part of your personality comes from what your name is. For example, my name is Abby-meaning the love of your father, and I am daddy’s little girl. In biblical times, a Lot’s daughter named her son Moav which means “from my father” and incidentally he was the fruit of an incestuous relationship.

I get that these celebrities want to be different, and “trendy” but why do that at the expense of thier children. Looking at some of these names, it feels like the parents are setting the children up to be commercialized. For example, Beyonce and Jay-Z. They named their daughter Blue Ivy which sounds more like a clothing company than a little girl-and I do not doubt we will all be seeing Blue Ivy clothing for kids in the nearest Nordstrom soon. When I was pregnant I wanted to make sure that the name I gave my children did not create an image in the minds of others. Joshua, Anthony, and Caroline can all be Drs, laywers, garbage men, or President. I accept creativity. I do not accept it at the expense of your children.


As a parent we have so many other ways we can torture our children. We can take pictures at innaporopriate times (first date anyone), we can dress in ways that make the kids cringe (mommy jeans), or be very loud at sports events or other extra-curricular activities. So again I ask you WHY begin the torture with the one thing people see first-a name.

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