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I’m offended


Everyone in this country is offended. Every single word is taken as something that it is not. I am not white, I am Caucasian, or pigmentation challenged. Don’t you dare call me white because that’s racist. God forbid, we say the word God in the Pledge of Allegiance or have a Halloween parade at school. Everyone and everything needs to be politically correct, lest we insult or hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s annoying, and I am over it. Why is it OK for one group of people to use a word to describe, but not OK for another person not of that group to use the same word? If it is not OK, then it should not be OK all around. 

I am not racist. I am Jewish. From the US. My family comes from Hungary, Poland, Russia. My kids are all half Puerto Rican with a mix of Taino and Indian. My stepson is African-American (for the politically correct term), although I am not sure if his family actually came from Africa. I do not see color, race. I do not care where you are from or what color your skin is. I am also a little more thick skinned then some people. I do not get offended if you call me a Jew, or a Member of the Tribe. Would I prefer you to see me and my kids as people, yes, but am I going to cry and whine if you use a term that is less then polite? No. I believe that it is how we use our words in context. If you are calling me a JEW because you hate my people and are a member of the KKK, then yes that is disrespectful and unacceptable, however, if you are describing me-ie- Abby celebrates Chanukah because she’s Jewish-its fine. I can recall at one of my jobs that I was written up for using the word ghetto. An African-American co-worker overheard a conversation and complained to HR. When I was called into the office, I did admit to using that word. I remembered that conversation-I was talking to another co-worker about my trip to Poland in High School and was describing the Warsaw Ghetto-where the Jews were moved to in WWII before being sent to death camps. It did not matter. I used a word that was found to be offensive and I was in trouble. The interesting thing about this past job was that I also got written up for joking that I should be in charge of ordering supplies because “I’m Jewish, I can always find it cheaper” It was a joke-and I said it-but the others were so afraid. Maybe because I was the only Jewish person there. I have no idea. All I know is that after those two exciting meetings with HR, I sat in my cubicle every day, and basically cut off my conversations with most of my co-workers. I did not stay at that job for much longer after that. I was literally terrified to speak to anyone, lest they take offense and I would have to take another trip to the principals office, HR department.

Where do we cross the line? Racism is not to be tolerated. It is not acceptable. Being overly sensitive is a whole other thing. I feel like I need a list of acceptable things that I can and can not say. I never mean to offend, or disrespect. Do I say off-color things sometimes? Of course who doesn’t? But I am NOT going to accept that punishment for saying the same thing as the person next to me. If people would spend half as much time working on themselves and trying to get along with each other there would be no need for all this political correctness.

4 thoughts on “I’m offended

  1. There is a lot of racism in the world today, it’s even more prevalent, or in your face, and racists are proud of their hatred it seems. Weird times. But if we all just got over it, labels and words wouldn’t mean so much. Tall order for sure 🙂

    • I totally agree! I think with each generation, things tend to get better (I hope). I do think that we are more open-minded today then for example in the 50’s and 60’s but the emphasis on labeling and all that other jazz tends to make it difficult at times. I say-Live and Let live!

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