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4:17 Forever

So I think most of us have been there. The place where your car is not worth fixing, but you can not afford to buy a new one. This is where I am at this time. I have put in at least, if not close to double what I paid for my used minivan, but I just can not afford a new one. With the repairs that I have done, it is almost as if I have a new car. New transmission, all the headlights and signal lights (not bulbs, actual lights) are new, this weekend my engine is getting an overhaul, new brakes, new lines for the antifreeze, new tie rods and tie rod assemblies-well you get the picture.  

It’s ok. I love my mommy van. It is spacious, and gets great gas mileage. Its amazing when I have to move or pick up anything. There is always room. I can handle the dinks in the exterior, and these ever so irritating repairs. There is one problem that just came about that I can not handle. 

My radio decided to quit on me. It does not turn on, it does not turn off, it just has the time. It reminds me every day that at 4:17 in the afternoon, it decided that it was not willing to work for me anymore. The back windshield wiper also conked out on me, but I did not even bat an eye. It did not bother me not one little bit. But my radio? My sweet companion, how could  you desert me? I feel betrayed

4:17 Forever

4:17 Forever

It is silent on my morning commute to work. My friends on the radio are talking but I can not hear a word that they are saying. I can no longer drown out my kids pleas of “are we there yet” with the newest Bruno Mars song that will suddenly change the whining to singing of the right song with the wrong words.  The silence is so loud, louder than the loudest yell. I look over at the others on the road. Jamming to the beats, and I am so jealous. I loaded my iPod up with some music but it was not the same. It will only go so loud and there is nothing like the sweet buzz of my busted drivers side speaker. But there is hope. I called around and looked online and there is hope. I can buy a new radio. Not today, not tomorrow, but someday soon I will have you back, my special friend. I will have to go the dealer to fix you, but you are worth the extra charge. I love you so much I will pay whatever it takes to get you back. But until then, Oh my best driving friend, my co-pilot, I mourn the loss of you and in my car it will be 4:17 forever.

2 thoughts on “4:17 Forever

  1. I know! I feel like the clock is laughing at me. Like hes saying, “ha I do work, sort of, but not all the way”. OY, I have issues! =)

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