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Easter for my car. Or how my car died and resurrected itself.


Well, it’s official. My minivan committed suicide. It’s over folks. On the upside, the radio now works, on the downside, the ENGINE does not. I bought this car just 3 years ago and have pretty much rebuilt it, top to bottom ( all the details are in that lovely post. So now the hunt goes on. I now need to find an engine. I know what you are thinking-Just buy a new car. Duh, yeah it seems so simple except 1 minor detail. Thanks to my ex, my credit is shot, and I could never get something affordable. While he sits in prison not paying a bill (and that includes helping to support the child he “loves” so much) I am here, in the over-priced NJ trying to not have my electric shut off every month.

Public services are a joke. I have paid my taxes and worked for the past 20 years and when I need a little help, I have been put on a waiting list that is a joke-Sections 8, well it’s been 3 years and I have advanced barely 20 spots. At the rate I am going, I will get my housing voucher when I am 50. Of course, so many of the people that do have this lovely perk (the state pays 70% of rent while you pay 30%-but only if you work. If you do not work, you pay between $50.00 to $100.00 a MONTH), do not work, or do anything. Such as are so many of the people in my apartment complex that drive BMW’s and pay &72.00 a month rent-No, I did not make that up-they brag about it, while sitting on their back steps smoking a blunt and STILL complaining that they had to pay a $30.00 electric bill. But they earned it right? I am just so glad that I can barely figure out how to get to work everyday so I can support these lazy, um I mean, unfortunate, downtrodden soles.

But I digress. My opinion on the social services/welfare at least in the State of NJ is another day coming. Let’s get back to what this is really about. I am not Christian, but I will say that although my car did not die for my sins (although, maybe my sins killed it) it is officially dead. BUT, praise the CAR GODS, he will live again. I am on the hunt for this elusive engine. A 2002 Chevy Venture with less that 120,000 miles that is not too badly damaged. Oh I know you are out there, my precious. Hide if you want, but I will find you.

3 thoughts on “Easter for my car. Or how my car died and resurrected itself.

    • Of course isn’t that how the universe punishes us? I think I found a new engine so I’m sure as soon as that’s working my radio will die on me again.

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