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Fatty McFatty soon to be Skinny Mcsexy

So it is official. I like so many others is now going to attempt the impossible feat of losing weight. I not only want to look nice, but I would like to climb a flight of steps without having a coronary. I was very skinny after the birth of my first son, which then got me into the issue of getting pregnant with my second son. Figures.  I was in between chubby and jolly for a while, then I got pregnant with my daughter and jolly became wide. Like Mac truck wide. Unlike the last two times I was pregnant, when my daughter was born my big wide ass stayed a big wide ass and I learned to “love” my few spare tires.

The love affair is over. Bathing suit shopping was horrible. Shopping in general is horrible. I’m chubby where I should not be and skinny where it does not matter. At my daughters doctors appointment, I got on the scale, and before anyone else could see that enormous number,  I jumped off.

Taken from:

Taken from:

Even my fingers are fat. It’s out of control. My son asked me yesterday if my belly was fat because there was another baby inside. That was the last straw.

The fault is really all my own. I hate to exercise, and I can write a book on all the excuses I make to NOT exercise. “I’m tired, it’s late, I have to put the kids to bed,” well you get the idea. It’s not like I even have to go out of the house to get my exercise. I have a Xbox Kinect and bought the Zumba for it. I did it. Once. I even set goals for myself on it. I have not put it back in. But I am now motivated. I started reading a blog called . I feel her and I connect with her. We even are going to push each other to really start to make some changes. I vow to exercise at least twice a week and I will try and eat much better than I am eating now. When we each lost 10 lbs we are going to do nice things for each other. So we are motivated to help each other. I even suggested we Skype a work out session-she can do Zumba Wii and I can do Zumba Kinect. Gotta love modern technology. I always can use a workout buddy and now I have one. I want to lose 80 lbs. Yes 80. And I will. It may take me a year but it will happen. It has too. If not for me, but for my kids. I want to be healthy and be able to run around with them. Oh and there is that family Bar Mitzvah in 3 years. Can’t be the chubby aunt all the time….

6 thoughts on “Fatty McFatty soon to be Skinny Mcsexy

  1. Count me in. My forty extra pounds has turned into fifty since starting this blog. I am at the gym right now and am convinced I am the only one who goes to a gym and GAINS weight. Good luck!

    • its muscle not fat! lmao i love when a skinny bitch tells me that!!!you are on the right track being at the gym, i am sitting at my job at my desk willing myself to drink water and not soda…ugh….im glad you are on our bandwagon!! we are all beautiful strong women! you can do it! you are awesome!

      • When I quit drinking alcohol, I replaced it with soda. But we all know soda is the devil so try replacing that with flavored seltzer. No aspartame though! I’m going to put my stats on tomorrow, weight, bmi, the whole shebang. There’s nothing like public humiliation to motivate a bitch!!

      • Ok i got it! I am gonna start right here:
        5’3 (ish) 200 lbs and BMI 35.4 (which the online calculator let me know in BIG RED LETTERS) that I am obese…I do drink seltzer but never thought to see if there was aspartame in it…Ugh I love fountain soda but I would love to see my toes much more!

  2. Lol better to be laughing with then laughing at! LMAO lets hope this public humiliation things works….ugh why cant i be blessed with a fast metabolism or the ability to puke on demand….

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