Fatty Mcfatty soon to be Skinny Mcsexy

Fatty Mcfatty soon to be Skinny Mcsexy (take 2)

Just as a brief introduction,  all posts within this category  will be about my weight loss including  my journal of my weight loss attempts  for all you who are interested to be a part of it. I am 35 years old and can open a bakery with all the rolls that I have! Seriously, I am overweight and unhappy with the way my body looks and feels. I am going on this journey with my dear friend http://zumbard.worpress.com and a fellow blogger mom Christina (who writes an amazing blog I might add, go visit her at: http://diariesofadivorcee.com/

I will post a “biggest loser” type  picture tonight or tomorrow-as said by Christina-nothing like public shame to get you going (ok I paraphrased but you get the point). I am loosely following the Weight Watchers Points Plus and I will be posting my food diary once a week as well as my weight gain/loss. Once a month I will post a new picture.  Here we go, I hope you enjoy the journey and feel free to join along-the more the merrier!

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