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My Jersey Shore Beach Baby

Looking at the ocean for the very first time

Looking at the ocean for the very first time

I love the summer. I can do without the humidity, but otherwise I love the summer.  I love the beach, swimming, waterparks, bbq’s, time with friends, you get the point. Summer isn’t summer, until I get my first sunburn aka my “base” for that beautiful golden tan we all strive for. As a teenager and a young adult I was a lifeguard and even made sure that I had a season’s pass to the Belmar beach on the Jersey shore.

This weekend I had the pleasure of introducing my daughter to the beach.It was a great day. The sun was shining and it was hot, but not too hot. The water was chilly at first but then turned so warm enough to not be cold, but not warm enough to not be too hot. I was a little apprehensive since she is only 18 months and I was not sure how she would handle the sand. She is a little weary of grass, so it was anyone’s guess if she would love it, or hate it. To my surprise and sheer excitement she loved it!  She was in Jersey Shore heaven. For the first time I can remember, my little one sat still for more than 5 minutes.

My Jersey Shore Baby

My Jersey Shore Baby

Not only did she sit in her toddler sized beach chair, she went into the ocean. Where my 4 year old is scared of the waves, she wanted to run into that green ocean that is only seen in NJ, head first. When her lips became blue, I had to drag her screaming back to our umbrella. She ate an ENTIRE cold cut sandwich and drank her juice like a big girl. I took some time to just watch her out of the corner of my eye, and really got to enjoy this moment. Having sons is wonderful, I love my boys with all my heart, but there is something about having a daughter that I just do not have the words to describe.  To be able to share something like the Jersey Shore with my only daughter was a gift that she gave ME. The best part was that she did not even know that she was giving it to me.

Mommy and daughter deep in conversation

Mommy and daughter deep in conversation

We had our own conversation where I spoke English and she spoke Caroline. The lovely baby gibberish that I sort of understand but always pretend to know exactly what she is saying.  She laughed and giggled and I looked at her with amazement thinking ” I can not believe that I created something this beautiful and wonderful” I was left speechless (something that does not happen often).The princess even took a nap with daddy.

Naptime with Daddy

Naptime with Daddy

This was one of those days that I will remember and when she gets older, as we look through old pictures I can say “Hey Caroline. that was the first time I ever took you to the Jersey Shore” These are the times that I can build those everlasting memories that are what create a family and a family story.


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