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My scariest day as a Mom

A few weeks ago my daughter had a rash. I was not so concerned but her dad was frantic.  She had little bumps all over her legs and arms and a few on her back and face. I gave her some children’s allergy medicine and said, “lets see what happens in the morning” Well morning came and it was worse. Much much worse. The pediatrician was not in the office until 2 that day so we decided that we would take a little trip to the ER. I wanted to wait, he did not. The baby did not seem concerned, she was not itching or in a cranky bad mood. Much the opposite. She was happy and lively and of course I dressed her to the nines. I was not concerned, and just wanted to make daddy happy. Image   In the waiting room, he kept on telling me about the time his nephew had the same kind of rash, and how he had to stay in the hospital in a bubble for 3 days. I still was not concerned. 

Please do not confuse my non-concern of the rash with not caring. I cared very much, but after two boys, 1 fractured arm, multiple bloody noses, swallowed marbles, and plenty of scraped knees and bruises,  I wait until I get nervous. I keep a cool head, especially because daddy is having a mini heart attack. 

So we waited, and waited, and then were told that the children’s ER was opening at 11 and we would be transferred there. As soon as we got there, the Nurse Practitioner made us change the baby into a hospital gown. That’s when I started to get a little edgy. My little princess was in a yellow baby sized, open backed gown. Image 

She looked over at the bumps and asked what seemed like a million questions. Then came the bloodwork. They wrapped my princess in a blanket like a burrito and while I was at her head, stroking her hair and softly singing “our” song (the one I sing to her whenever she’s upset or super tired) they took her blood and gave her a throat culture. The scream that came from this little being sounded so tortured and agonizing. I was literally brought to tears. After that ordeal, my baby girl wanted only me. She lied in my arms for the next two hours while we waited for the results. My usual big eater, just picked at the grilled cheese they brought her to eat and kept on looking at me with those big brown eyes as if to say “Mommy, why did you let them do that to me?”

After what felt like eternity, the Nurse Practitioner came back with the results. Baby girl had a virus and instead of the usual symptoms of fever and achiness, she had a major rash. Nothing to be too concerned with she said, just give her some allergy medicine and follow up with her pediatrician. Which we did, as soon as we left. He said the same thing, gave us a prescription for some cream and told us the hardest thing to do as a parent- “Just Wait.” The rash went away after about a week and a half, but I will never forget that day. Thank G-D it was not serious. But it was still the scariest day I have ever had so far as a Mom. DSCF9880

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