Nazis in the neighborhood: interacting with our history

I already commented on what I think this mans punishment to be if he is who they think he is…

Third Ten Million Years

It would appear that for the past 50 years, a former Nazi commander has been living in Northeast Minneapolis. The man, Michael Karkoc, is “blamed for burning villages filled with women and children”, and “lied to American immigration officials to get into the United States.” It is possible he will be tried, and if he is, only after deportation proceedings, which could take a “year to two years, probably.”

This knowledge has created an interesting debate: What should we do with Mr. Karkoc? He is now 94 years old. Should he be deported and tried for his alleged decades old monstrous crimes? Or, should he be left alone, a harmless old man now, 70 years removed from any atrocities that he may have committed?

Today’s Star Tribune features a letter arguing for leaving Karkoc alone. I wasn’t persuaded by the argument, though I wouldn’t presume to know the…

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