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When your higher power speaks, you better listen

There is an old story that goes like this:

There is a flood and while the entire town is moving to higher ground, and getting to a safe place one man stays in his house.  As he sits on his porch, his neighbors beg him to go to safety and he reply’s “I have no fear, as G-D will save me.”  As the water rises and he is still in his home a man comes by on a rowboat and says to the man “The water is rising, come with me in my boat so you do not drown” But the man is stubborn and says “I have no fear, as G-D will save me.” The man in the boat shakes his head and continues on. The water continues to rise and it filled it the entire house. The man then climbed onto his roof and a helicopter came by. The pilot threw down a ladder and begged the man to climb into the helicopter and be saved. The man once again was stubborn and said ” I have no fear, as G-D will save me” The pilot took off, and the water rose and the man drowned. When the man met his maker, he asked “G-D, why didn’t you save me from the flood waters?” G-D then replied, I did-I sent you your neighbors warning, a boat and a helicopter”

So many times, when unfair things happen in our lives we like to say “Karma will take care of that” So we wait and we wait and then nothing happens. In reality, Karma is putting certain opportunities in our path but we are so blind to it because we are waiting for this “big miracle” to occur. Miracles happen every day. We can’t stand in the middle of a busy street and say “G-D will save us” Chances are you will get hit by a car. The miracle in that situation is having the ability to reason and say to yourself “This is dangerous, I need to move”

I have learned that sometimes if I just open my eyes to the everyday situations, my solutions are starting me right in the face. It is my sole responsibility to take action where action is needed, and to do it in a smart and mature way. I am an example to children and to my community. I am living proof that even when life gets hard, and it seems that nothing will get better, that with a positive attitude and A LOT of hard work, things can turn around. Good things DO happen to good people and all wrongs are always righted. Just have some patience and Karma will always show her face.

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