Birthday Party Drama, or Why did you not invite BOTH my kids

I love kids birthday parties. Not actually throwing them for my kids, but going to ones that my kids are invited to. What I do not love, is when one of my boys is invited, and the other is not. Being that they are only 16 months apart they do have many of the same friends, but more times then not, one is invited and the other is not invited. I don’t think this is done maliciously by the parent, but the kids are in different classes (bunks for the summer). So it happens.

Today my older son had a birthday party to go to. It was the topic of conversation for two days.  As my older son got more excited, my younger son got even sadder. He was not invited. All he kept on saying was “I want to go to the birthday party too mommy”  Oh, how that broke my heart.  It never occurred to me to email the birthday boys mom and ask if I paid the difference, if I could bring my younger son.   

You see, one of those little things that drives me bananas is when you throw a birthday party  at a spot like Chuck E Cheese or Jumping Jungle where you pay per child, is when a parent brings extra kids. Without notice. Or when a parent just shows up and does not RSVP.  The last birthday party that I had at a place like that, some of my guests brought extra kids. $200. 00 worth of extra kids.  I did not budget for that, and I was not a happy camper when I had to pay the extra on the final bill. SO, I do not bring anyone extra unless I ask before hand-and in this case I did not have a personal relationship with the mom, so I was not comfortable asking.

With all that being said, with screaming and tears (from my younger son) I left the house to go to said birthday party. I felt bad the entire way, as my oldest was chitter chattering bubbling with excitement. When I got there, to my surprise, I realized that I could have brought my younger child. The mom even told me that I could have brought him because “Here you pay for the time and not per child because I didn’t get pizza”  

Really? I will categorize that under the “Things I would have liked to know BEFORE I drove 45 minutes to get here.  The oldest had a blast. He jumped and ran and played and he even got me to climb up the inflatable ladder and “race” to the bottom of the slide with him. He sang happy birthday, had cake and got his balloon and his goody bag.  


When we got home, I had one of those proud parent moments. When I got home my older son took his goody bag and balloon, gave the balloon to his little sister and shared the toys that came in the little bag with his brother because “I know you wanted to go to the party, but at least I can share my prizes with you” Ugh, Tears. 


2 thoughts on “Birthday Party Drama, or Why did you not invite BOTH my kids

  1. That is a proud Mamma moment! I had extra kids come to my sons party also and it cost around $200 extra dollars as well. Now we just have sleep overs and avoid the whole thing.

    • I know. As soon as I get out of this apartment and into my house (in about 8 months) I will be doing all home parties. That’s the way we did it when I was growing up and my mom always made sure she made themes onceI had a dress up carnival party and we always had fun stuff to do in the backyard. At this point these parents are taking things to a whole other level and I was told that you have to invite the entire class so no one feels left out? Ugh I am so not into the everyone wins bs.

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