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Why I love my coupons

I love money. Ok so that sounds like I am a tight-wad cheap ass-and I can be, but I just love money because I don’t have any! I was introduced to couponing at a young age. I remember going to Pathmark with my mom and she would give me her coupons and let me “shop” by myself. There were never that many since we kept a Kosher home, but there were enough to keep my busy while she did the rest of her shopping.

As I got older, I lacked the patience of the clipping and all that comes with coupons. That is until I had kids and until I saw “Extreme Couponers” on TLC. While I have not yet gotten to the point where I can pay less than $1.00 for $1300.00 worth of product I have gotten pretty good. I, like my fellow couponers have my loose leaf with my dividers so I can see what I have and I do spend a few hours every month going through the circulars to see what I can get for as little as possible. With 6 mouths in the summer and 5 mouths the rest of the year to feed, and on 1 income, well I can be in a circus with all the juggling that I do.

I have my little tricks that I would like to share with you all.

  1. Super Foodtown- They have this amazing deal where you can get 5 packs of meat for $20.00. There is a variety for us all-chicken off and on the bone, all types of steak, pork if you eat that, even chopped meat. This week I bought 25 assorted packs for $99.95. No matter how you look at it, its a GREAT deal.

    25 packs of meat for $99.95

    25 packs of meat for $99.95

  2. Be aware of the expiration dates on your coupons. Don’t feel pressured to use them the same week that they come out in the paper. Here’s a little something that you may not know-The supermarkets know what coupons are going to be in the paper BEFORE they set their sales. SO, if there is a high value coupon in the paper this week, that item will probably NOT be on sale. Hold onto your coupons and wait a week or two. Perfect example. LAST WEEK there was a coupon for $3.00 off 3 Popsicle ice pop boxes. THIS WEEK those Popsicle were on sale for $0.99. SO since I saved that coupon, I bought 12 boxes of Popsicle FOR FREE!
  3. Here’s another tricky thing the supermarkets will do. All the BEST sales are the LAST two weeks of the month. Why, do you ask? The answer is simple. Supermarkets know that SNAP benefits (aka Food Stamps) are given out between the 1-5 of the month (I am blessed to get mine on the 5th).  So they are banking on the fact that most people will go shopping within the first two weeks of the month. If you can hold out until the last two weeks, you will find that there are great sales and if coupled with your coupons you can really make out.
  4. Utilize pharmacy stores like CVS and Rite-Aid. I am a CVS fan. They have a program that sometimes when you buy certain items you can get “bucks back” at the bottom of your receipt. These can be used towards your next purchase with no minimum (but the total must be at LEAST the amount that you are cashing in). If done correctly, you can make multiple transactions. You use the bucks back from the first purchase to pay for the next purchase, and so on.  Also, with CVS if you use your card a lot and sign up for their emails, they will send a 25% off coupon at least once a month, and every quarter you get a percentage of your sales as a “bucks back” certificate.
  5. Buy a deep freezer. With all these sales, you are going to need somewhere to store your great finds. I got the smallest one at K-Mart and when I used their rewards card, I got about $5.00 in rewards points that are redeemable in the next purchase for cash. Free money? I love it even more!

This week I did my big haul ( did not take my own advice from #3) BUT I did get a great deal. I saved BIG in Shoprite:

These are all my coupons that I used at a Shoprite

These are all my coupons that I used at a Shoprite


This is the total savings off the bill

5 thoughts on “Why I love my coupons

  1. Impressive!!! No wonder you don’t have time to stalk : ) I think I’ll definitely consider going to CVS now. Thanks for the tips!

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