I didn’t know it was abuse

It’s sad we have a sisterhood, but it’s a sisterhood nonetheless…Thank you for sharing….

Deliberate Donkey

I didn’t know it was abuse.

I thought when he left bruises on their bottoms it was just an accident. I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt them.

Owies and bruises and bumps because they hurt themselves in his care didn’t mean that he wasn’t watching them. Kids are clumsy and hard to keep an eye on.

Favoring one child over the other. We all do that a little, don’t we?

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2 thoughts on “I didn’t know it was abuse

  1. I had such a difficult time writing this – the support I’ve received since I started blogging has been amazing, and likely its the main reason I’m doing as okay as I am. Thank you for taking the time to read, comment and reblog! Your support means so much 🙂

    • Oh my love, unfortunately I know where you have been and its the same for me-I can talk about my experience freely but when I had to put it out on paper-that was the difficult thing! We are sisters in this and only WE can understand what we went through. When I went to my DV group, there was such a relief knowing that every women there “got it” and we didn’t have to explain the whys and hows of it all. “outsiders” just don’t understand and I believe that’s where the guilt comes from. God Bless!!!!

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