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Going Broke, I mean buying School supplies

I get it. Budgets are tight. Every year the schools get cuts and things get tight for the teachers. I get it. But in a town where the property taxes are about $8900.00 and $5000.00 of that goes to the school, I was pretty upset when I got my sons Kindergarten School supply list. I expected to have to get some things such as a backpack, some folders, crayons and a pencil box, but some of the things on this list appear to be classroom supplies that should be provided by the school.

Here are some things on this list:

  1. SIX glue sticks
  2. SIX Dry Erase (no neon colors, low odor) EXPO ONLY  markers (lets not be too specific)
  3. ONE box of GALLON and ONE box of QUART size ZIPLOC slider bags
  4. Standard size clear plastic show box with detachable lid (there is also a specific size pencil box so I am not sure what THIS box is for)
  5. ONE can of PLAY DOH ( Standard Size) No MINIS PLEASE< NO BOXES, OR MULTI-PACKS (I am surprised that they haven’t assigned us colors to bring)
  6. ONE pair of inexpensive headphones

These are just SOME of the gems that are included on that list. For your reading enjoyment, here is the entire list:

So my question is this. If I have to buy all this stuff for my kid, pay for his bus (because I live too close to the school for him to ride free), and also pay for my four year old to go to a 2.5 hour PUBLIC PRE-K, what are the school taxes being used for?

Oh and on a footnote, the school district decided that their MANDATORY orientation will be as follows:

  • Pre-K – September 4, 2013 at  1 pm
  • Kindergarten – September 4, 2013 at 2 pm

Thank you so much for taking into consideration that maybe someone (like me) has kids in both those grades so how the HELL am I supposed to be in two places at almost the same time AND that maybe some people (like ME) has a job and would have appreciated some after work hours. Ya know, so I don’t have to take time off-so I can pay for ALL THOSE SCHOOL SUPPLIES.

5 thoughts on “Going Broke, I mean buying School supplies

  1. Holy cow! Are you buying ziplock bags for the whole school?? Why do the girls and boys bring different size bags? At first I thought it was sexist about how big your snacks should be, but then I re-read and realized that they are, in fact, supplying the whole class if not the whole school. Maybe the teachers thought they weren’t getting paid enough and so want the kids to start supplying their pantries! Wet wipes and Purell? What happened to hand-washing! I dunno, maybe they know not everyone will do it or will not be able to do it and so you’re going to be buying enough ziplocks to go around. More for curiosity than for auditing purposes (or retribution), I’d ask them to detail exactly how these supplies will be utilized and how they came up with these specific numbers. Jeez louise!

    • OK so I’m not crazy! I thought that maybe I was being a bit cheap but I am glad to know that you also think this list is insane-I am actually going to be at the next school board meeting bc there are SO many things that now as a parent I can ask-ie like why there is a registered sex offender living ACROSS THE STREET from my sons Elementary school? ziplock bags-in my life-i dont even give the kids snacks in those. I still the old school fold over bags!

      • My mom wouldn’t even buy ’em. Said we couldn’t afford em. We used the fold overs when we had to, but mostly she folded my sandwhiches in the wax paper she made them on. Anyway, kids need crayons. And things to draw on. They need some glue, but didn’t they ever hear the song “art glue/ a little dab’ll do ya/ art glue/ it’s better than a blob/ art glue/ a little dab’ll do ya/ it’s better than being a slob!” How much glue could they POSSIBLY USE?

  2. I know! Thank goodness 5 Below and Office Depot are having sales-Folder for a penny-yes sir I will take a few. And just for shits and giggles, I’m going to buy my son the GREEN glue sticks so when he brings stuff home I will know its his!

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