In Which It Becomes Really Obvious We Need to Discuss DV

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I’m just going to start you off with a list of things people I know were told about domestic violence this weekend:

“People can just work through it in therapy”

“Sometimes it’s better to be abused than to lose someone”

“If it were really that bad, they would just make it stop”

Take a look at those statements.  The fact that people are still saying things like that makes me think that we need to have a serious conversation about domestic violence.  A couple things to keep in mind: 1) domestic violence is a systemic problem based on power dynamics and the ways in which they play out, often along gendered lines and 2) though I may often refer to the male-abuser-female-victim model because it is the most common, men CAN and ARE victims of abuse in many cases and abuse can also occur in same-sex couples.  The experiences of…

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