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Blogging while being cyber-bullied

I love to blog. I love to share my days with my online friends. I love to be able to connect with people that understand who I am, who are going through similar trials and tribulations, and it really helps me in my healing process. There is one small problem.  A very angry, and bitter ex-coworker, ex-friend has found my blog. She has found my online oasis and has attempted to make comments that are rude, and disrespectful to not only me, but to my children as well. I have become smarter at this blogging thing and now know that I can read comments before they are posted. This is not the first time she has taken personal information about me to use against me (ie calling my mom “anonymously” and telling her I was pregnant before I had the chance-yes I heard the message and immediately recognized the voice) but since we have not spoken in MONTHS since she was fired from our job I was upset-here we go again.

Its a good thing I learned that because the comments that this person tried to post were private details about my life, rude comments about my children, and information she THINKS is true but in reality is not. Some of the delicate information is true, but there are just some things that I am not ready to share yet. I do not have to reveal ANYTHING that I feel is not right for me, and that may hurt my children in the future.

Now, I know you are all thinking, “how can you possibly be sure it is her?” Well this is how. Besides being so so user friendly, WordPress provided you, the blogger with the IP address that all comments are being made from. So, If you make comments from your home using your home internet, it can be traced. Oh, and I traced it. Literally right to her house. The longitude and latitude does not lie. So now I had a decision to make. Do I call the cops? I have learned from my experience with Domestic Violence, that even if its a minor situation, ALWAYS report. Leave a paper trail. But I decided to take the higher road. I called her brother. I have know the entire family for over 25 years so I thought, maybe if I call her brother, he could talk to her and it would stop. I thought wrong. The next day, rude comment #2 showed up in my inbox.  I went to the PD and decided to file a report but not press charges. Paper Trail. Just in case. The next day post #3 and then a few days later came post #4.

So lets circle back to the original topic of this post. This person has taken something from me. She has taken something that I am not sure can be given back. She has taken away a modicum of comfort I had while blogging about my personal life.  Its not that I have anything to hide. My life is an open book and I am willing to share my experiences with the world. But I will share those experiences when I AM READY. Not when an overindulged, selfish woman-child decides she wants to share them.  As soon as I get my no contact order, or whatever the court decides to do to protect  me I will share with you all about MY day in court. All I can say, is that I hope this judge takes this situation more seriously then the judge when I was dealing with my abuser.

As a post-note: I just realized that when proof reading this post, I am so glad that I went through the all the counseling that I did. A few years ago, I would have let this person harass me, and I would not do anything about it. I am blessed that through all that help I know how to defend myself with my words and not just with my fists.

12 thoughts on “Blogging while being cyber-bullied

  1. Stay strong! In life there are always people who try to pull you down. You need to find a way to rise above them. Whatever this woman is doing seems unfair and perhaps malicious but that should not stop you. Does WordPress have a medium to block someone? Try it! Also don’t let her bother you so much that she affects your oasis. This is your blog, you write what you want here, no one can make you change that..:) stay strong!

    • lmfao!!!omg shes a crazy dog lady….i can only imagine-just to piss us off she would prob make him into a lap dog….she is making me feel like pistol whipping

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  3. Again I understand, exactly what you wrote in this post is why I started my blog in the first place. My OWN children are my worst enemies, they decided to email everyone I knew that they had an email address for, including my employer !! I took the power from them started a blog and “outed” myself. I had it with the fear of someone finding out my past and having to relive something that was over 20 years ago. They are shameless individuals and I can’t believe we even share the same blood. Shame on this person that tried to hurt you and take your peaceful place away, I would like to bitch slap the living daylights out of them !!

    • omg me too-and if i didnt think she would call the cops, well lets say she would have a few less teeth..HOWEVER Karma is a total bitch and she got fired and her husband and her family found out that she was a cheating thief…that was enough for me…jealousy is green eyed monster and I am just SO glad that I saw her for who she is and have cut all ties…ugh some people are just disgusting and they will continuously get what they deserve- I believe that with a whole heart!

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