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BZZZZ Worthy Baby or, why I love free samples

My Goodies!

My Goodies!

Recently I was introduced to a website called BzzAgent. It is a website that will send you free samples of things (food and otherwise) to try and review. Well I got my first package and YAHOOOOOO it was food.

I got a huge sample package of Quaker products (as seen in the picture) So here is my review.

  1. Peanut Butter Oatmeal CookiesFirst of all I LOVE that they are individually packaged. There are four cookies per package and there are 7 packs in the box.  They are amazing for a little treat throughout the day and the cookies are a nice size so that the kids are not begging for more

    Yummy Cookies

    Yummy Cookies

  2. Oatmeal Squares Cereal- So my little one (shes 18 months) liked this the best. I will say as the flavor is great, if you put milk in it you must eat it fast otherwise it can get a bit soggy.
  3. Real Medleys Fruit nut bar-The flavor I got was Peach Almond Multigrain. Wow. Wow. Wow. This was such a pleasant surprise. I expected the bar to be hard and crunchy and it was really very soft and super delicious.

    Soft Fruit Bars

    Soft Fruit Bars

  4. Popped– Cheddar Cheese rice cakes. Notice there are not in the picture. That’s because as soon as my kids saw them they were eaten. So I guess that one gets a good review 🙂
  5. COUPONS– So for anyone who reads my blog,  knows how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE coupons.  There were 13 coupons all for $1.00 off various products. I can’t wait to do my shopping next week. I will definitely  be stocking up on some Quaker products for the house and upcoming school year.



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