6 days to go

School starts in six days.  I am super excited but also a little sad. My oldest son is starting Kindergarten and my youngest daughter is going to day care.  This is the beginning of the end. They are getting older and I am just not ready for it. Image

Gone will be the days of lazily playing trains in the house ( a favorite for as long as I can remember) and soon will be the days of play-dates, homework, and whatever after school activity I can afford (dance, maybe swim lessons, perhaps even martial arts).Image

So although I am pretty sad, my kids are super excited. They are literally counting down the days until school starts (yeah lets see how long that lasts) and as my kids like to say to me, “uhhh mom, we’re not babies anymore-we have to grow up” I don’t care , they will always be my babies and I will always have a little sadness as they grow upImage

6 thoughts on “6 days to go

  1. My little one went off to daycare yesterday. I was so lost the entire time he was at school. Well I work from office half day so that made the first half of the day whiz past but the second half when I was home alone CRAWLED…The clock refused to move..:( I hope you have a better time than I did.

    • I should be ok because I was working full time until last week so I am sorta use to not being around them all day but it is just the going to school and growing up that I am not ready for. My baby girl is getting so independent and I am not ready for that.
      I will be picking her up as soon as I am done with work but I know (from the other few times I used this amazing day care) how fast she is going to get bigger. Ugh, I know its good for them (social aspect blah blah blah) but I just want them to stay this age forever! 🙂

  2. I remember the first day of kindergarten. It really is the beginning of the end but also the beginning of the…beginning. You are going to join a community and hopefully it’s a great one at your son’s school. Good luck with the transition and just FYI, Walmart has great prices on tissues : )

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