A change in the weather

Please read and share. It is insane that the Seminole Schools have put this woman and her children in danger.


I am writing this letter with hopes that media attention will help correct the wrongs that have been committed by the Seminole County court over the last 3 years.
I am a victim of domestic violence. My spouse is a former Navy sailor whom I originally left in 2009. Attempts to collect any sort of support by the state were stalemated by my spouse’s deployment to Iraq. In 2011, my spouse decided to come back to my residence and under marital property laws reinforced by Seminole County Sheriffs, integrated himself into the home my children and I had enjoyed to ourselves, funded by my parents, for two years. My spouse was arrested and convicted in 2011 of domestic violence and I sought shelter at a Seminole county domestic violence shelter, where eventually I received a state grant to establish a safety plan and housing from my abuser. Frustrated with not…

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2 thoughts on “A change in the weather

    • My sister-it happens to more of us then you can imagine. My abuser is in State Prison with (among other things) a DV charge and I can not get an order of protection. The authorities dont get it-and IMHO they dont care!

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