The kiddos

If only Spiderman could fly


They look so well behaved right?

Today was the first day of school. First day of Kindergarten, First day of Day Care, First day of Pre-K.  The picture is so deceiving. The kids look fed, happy and excited.  But alas, as is the “normal” in my life there is more to this story. Let us rewind 12 hours. As I finally put the kids to bed (or so I thought) and sat down I was pretty happy (and tired). Backpacks were packed, snacks and lunches and assorted crap was all ready to go, clothing was set out and then it happened.  BUMP and then SCREAMING. I jumped up and there was my middle child, aka my favorite troublemaker,  lying on the floor, holding his head SCREAMING.  I Jumped up and grabbed him and kept asking, what happened, what happened?

My oldest was in his bed (they have a loft with the oldest on the top and the middle on the bottom) crying hysterically and repeating “is he dead, is he dead?” There was no blood, but there was a bump, oh my the bump on the head was HUGE.  After the crying stopped, I finally got an answer to what happened. My favorite troublemaker told me that he was being Spiderman and he climbed up the ladder and tried to fly. If anyone has kids-especially boys-this is a very logical explanation. When I reminded him that Spiderman does not fly, he smacked himself on the head and said “of course, that’s why I fell. I should have used my webs.” Note to self-cut out the Superhero cartoons.

So being a mom to boys I already knew the drill. Look into his eyes-pupils are not dilated. That’s a good sign. No bleeding out of the nose or ears. That is a good thing too. Now for the hard part. Staying up for at least an hour better if it’s two.  Done. Some children’s Advil for the headache I KNOW  he has and we are off to bed.  For an hour. For the rest of the night he was in and out of my bed so no one really got any sleep.

Fast forward to this morning. The oldest and youngest and soooo excited for the first day of school. They get up well, get dressed and eat breakfast.  Trouble, however, was not so excited. He was telling me that his head hurt on the inside and so I knew it was off to the best pediatrician in the world.  He checked his eyes, checked his head, and sent us on our way. Off to school we went and lived happily ever after.

That is until I got home from the bus stops and the kitten and dog had a stand-off and then I was off to the vet for x-rays.


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