My Story-or how Domestic Violence changed my life

Thank you so so much for allowing me to share my story on your ASS-MAZING blog (hee hee). Together we are stronger and we will change the world!

Deliberate Donkey

I never thought that writing my story would be so difficult. I am comfortable speaking about my experiences with domestic violence, however, actually putting those times down on paper was a little more daunting than I expected.

Looking back at those frightful times I can only thank my higher power that my children and I escaped. I met my abuser when my oldest child was 3 months old. For the first time in my life I was alone and totally broke. I was searching for someone to help me get out of the deep hole that I was in. It was almost as if he could smell my desperation and he took total and complete control.

He was handsome and loving until he was not. We were together for almost 5 months before he hit me for the first time. Without even realizing it, he was mentally breaking me down…

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