My daughter is a Nudist

Yes, you read that right, my 20 month daughter is a nudist. My other kids never had the need to get totally naked in their crib.  My oldest preferred to be naked when it was warm out but he grew out of that pretty quickly.  My daughter, however, is a totally different story. For the last few days I have woken up to my baby girl being totally naked in her crib. No clothes and no diaper-in the nude, as naked as the day she was born. The boys seem to find this hilarious but I am not so amused. I believe that it is healthy expression of self and I am still not sure if she actually likes being naked or is just excited to know that she can get out of her clothes.  Either way it was pretty amusing the first few times, and now, well not so much.

I have come up with the following solutions:

  1. She can now only sleep in a blanket sleeper-one piece-PJ.  So glad I just bought a ton of two piece pjs and washed them. Thanks Princess
  2. She can now only wear onsie shirts because she has not figured out how to unsnap the bottom.  I really don’t like these but I also do not like her naked at any given time. If she does,  I have a feeling this is what I will being forced to resort to. Not so wonderful
  3. Do nothing. Let her explore her body and she will grow out of it. 

Any which way you look at it, I am learning that this is part of having a girl. It is a totally different world from my  two boys.  She is very hard-headed and she wants what she wants. I guess I should just be grateful that she doesn’t paint with her poop. Little things my friends, little things!

6 thoughts on “My daughter is a Nudist

  1. My youngest son went through the same faze , I could not keep him clothed. He tore the diaper off and I had to resort to duct tape!! before he moved out January 5, 2013 . He still left out of the shower down the hall naked at 24.. Usually he just ran around in his boxers… Good luck !

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