It’s ok to ask for help


 Once upon a time ago I had another blog called NJ Resource. It was meant to help others. It was meant to centralize some things that are complicated to find on the internet. It was doing great until the person that I mentioned previously that was cyber-bullying me on this blog wrote some nasty things on that blog and I just stopped.  I was helping someone with this information so I decided to re-post on here. This is for NJ but if anyone has any information for another state please let me know and I will add it onto here!
I know-the dreaded word-WELFARE!! But do not be ashamed or embarrassed. The social services in NJ is there to help you out. Remember, although the workers can at times be rude and seem to be unhelpful, they are overloaded with cases, and I am sure it is frustrating to know that they want to help some people but they cant. Here are some helpful hints to make the trip to your local social service office a little less painful-for you and your worker. 
I have what I call my HELP ME packet and I make sure that I bring it with me whenever I need to apply for any type of assistance. Heres what I ALWAYS bring with me-

  • Copy or Lease/Mortgage
  • Copies of all current utility bills
  • Copies all all birth certificates of everyone living in the home
  • Copies of all social sercurity cards of everyone living in the home
  • Copy of current monthly pay stubs or unemployment payment records
  • Copy of all childcare bills
  • Copy of all current or past due medical bills that have not been covered by insurance (if you are lucky to have it)

When going to social services these are ALL the documents you will need to complete your applications. I can almost promise you that your worker or person that is processing your application will not only appreciate you being prepared, they will be nicer and more willing to expidite your application. In monmouth county the office has 30 days to process your paperwork and make a determination so it is not wise to harrass your worker with phone calls before the full 30 dayshave passed, and remember always be nice when you are asking-being pushy will not get you anywhere!

These are the things that you can apply for (there might be more):

  • Food Stamps
  • GA (general assistance-money for those without kids)
  • TANF (temp. assistance for needy families-money for those with kids)
  • Emergency Housing Assistance
  • Health Insurance
  • Child Care

Here are the web address’ for the county websites-I always like to make an appointment so you do not have to wait too long at the office. You can usually pre-qualify online (sorry they are not in alphabetical order.)

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