Some resources for our veterans and active military

This ones for US Veterans and Active Duty Military

Coming from a strong military family, I feel it is neccessary to have a day dedicated to the men and women, and families that provide us the freedom that we so often take for granted. These heroic indivduals put their lives on the line for us, and when they come home from overseas there are issues that they face. My grandfather is a WWII vet (Airborne-Pacific), and my father served as a Navy Submarine man and I am proud to say that they are both active in supporting the rights of their fellow military family. 


  • Belmar
    • Active Duty and Vets (Gulf War to present) can get access to this beach for free. Just show military ID and you’re in. Famlies still have to pay, but depending on who is selling the passes, they may be able to get in for free as well
  • Seaside Heights
    • This is a VERY military friendly beach town.  All over the boardwalk, you can see stores and food places with the red, white, and blue military discount signs. 
  • Sandy Hook
    • While there is no “official” military discount, depending on who is manning the booth to get it, you can get in for free or half price-this weekend my family went to this beach and my boyfriends father (who is active in the Army) showed his ID and we got in for $5.00 (regular price is $10.00).

Vet to Vet Peer Support Program
This program allows Veterans to be part of a group that is facilitated by fellow Veterans.

  • Information shared is confidential
  • Groups are facilitated by two trained Veterans
  • Participants listen, learn and support each other
  • Groups provide for growth and recovery through education and sharing of experiences.

Weekly Groups Available:

  • Grief Workshop
  • Mindfulness Workshop I & II
  • Self Esteem/Pathways to Recovery
  • Sobriety Support Group
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Support and Education
  • Wellness and Recovery

To participate and learn more: Contact the Behavioral Health Outpatient Services Team (BHOST) at (909) 825-7084 ext. 2862.
Note: You must be enrolled in BHOST service or participating in Relapse Prevention Group.

Vet 2 Vet Hotline

           I really love this program! I became aware of it because my dad is one of the veterans that you can get into contact with if you need to talk to someone. This is open to all veterans, NOT just NJ residents.

The toll free helpline, which is accessible 24 / 7 by dialing 1-866 VETS-NJ 4 (1-866-838-7654) will be coordinated by UMDNJ’s University Behavioral HealthCare, and will feature peer counseling, clinical assessment, assistance to family members, and will provide veterans and their families with access to a comprehensive Mental Health Provider Network of mental health professionals specializing in PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other veterans issues. All services are free and confidential.

I will add to this list as I get more information, or more resources. Please, if you have any that I have missed (and I am SURE that I have missed many), please let me know so I can add them on!

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