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Three Little Ducks in a Row


It was a beautiful fall day and being  suicidal adventurous,  I decided to take my kids and the dog to the park. By myself. Without the stroller.  Overall, it was an amazing day. I am blessed to live in central NJ and we have some of the most amazing public parks.  Today we decided to to go Holmdel Park that not only allows pets and has amazing playgrounds, it also has a working farm, animals and all.  Since I decided to take the dog, the farm was out but we still had a blast.

I am usually (all the time) overprotective and want to have my kids where I can literally grab them at any time, but I knew that today I would have to be a little more laid back. I let the kids walk on their own. I let my daughter walk the dog without my help.


I just relaxed. And it felt amazing.  I get a little ansy this time of the year. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month and most people have no idea because it gets totally overshadowed by all the pink from National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I feel like I always have to bring it to peoples attention, and believe me, not many people want to hear about Domestic Violence.  So today I let it all go. I let the kids run around like crazy people. I let them talk to strangers that became new friends for the few hours we were in the playground. One women stopped and insisted that she show me a picture of her daughter when she was a baby to prove how much she looked like my daughter (it was a scary resemblance).

Baby girl climbed, swung, slided, and overall had the most amazing day ever. I don’t think I have seen her smile so much ever.  And that makes it all worth it.


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