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Fall Festivals in Pictures

Today we went to the Fall Festival. Back to the same park we went to yesterday but today we made it to the farm to go to the fall festival. It was so fun. The kids had a blast. I’ll let the images to speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

5 thoughts on “Fall Festivals in Pictures

  1. What a beautiful family. The children are adorable. Remind me of mine when they were small. Glad you had a great day. It is raining sideways and windy, a perfect blogging day. Again so glad we connected.

  2. Daddy’s girl has a Jersey on, how flippin cute! My God though woman, your kids are so close in age. My hat comes off to you!

    • LOL Well I always said that I wanted all my kids close in age because once I was done with diapers, I was done! LOL It can be a zoo/circus at times. Ugh that damn jersey. I am an Eagles fan but here in central Jersey those are not so easy to come by so I got her the Jets for her dad (btw thats not her dad in the pic-its my bestie Eddie) LOL

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