Why did you drop classes in 1998? A rant against the man.

Well, that is a question that I do not have an answer to. Why did I drop classes at the local community college 15 years ago? Really. This is a question that I have to answer in order to be given the Pell Grant that I have been approved for so I can go back to school. I think maybe I had a job or I transferred to Rutgers University. I know I did both but for the life of me I can not remember exactly when it happened. Please, I have 3 kids, I am lucky to remember what I did 15 minutes ago.

So now, I have to write a letter (which I did) and include proof to an appeal committee. So I ask the woman in the financial aid department, what proof is needed. I have my transcript from Rutgers. She tells me that this is not acceptable, but include it anyway. She then tells me to include my tax returns from 1998. REALLY. I don’t have that, and I checked in the IRS website, neither do they. Ya see, they destroy all documents after 7 years have gone by.  So what then I ask her. Get a letter from your adviser. OK, I have an appointment tomorrow. So I will ask. 

Because I can’t just have a normal freaking day. Because I can’t just register for classes like anyone else. Because I am really supposed to remember why I dropped classes when I was 18. Because this community college (that I pay taxes for) is really going to stop ME from bettering myself and my kids lives for something that was done 15 years ago. Welcome to my life. 

10 thoughts on “Why did you drop classes in 1998? A rant against the man.

  1. Makes you wanna grab them by their shoulders and shake them till they see light, dont you? Sorry if I cant offer you a solution or even suggest a way around it cause all my energy is now focused of slapping the malice out of someone…**SIGH**

    • lmao! I wish i could slap as well-there is nothing to be done. I dropped my letter off yesterday so whatever in that case. Even my academic counselor said it was stupid. I guess everyone has ropes to jump through!

      • thanks!! I appreciate it! I will go to the local news channel if they dont let me go to school… I can be relentless when I have a little time on my hands! hee hee

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