Why don’t they just leave?

This is a question that is asked so many times in regards to victims of domestic violence. It is a topic spoken about and written about so many times. I came across a blog post last night while on Pinterest and this Dr. put this topic into terms that I would like to share. She gave me permission to link to the post. Why Don’t They Just Leave?

Since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, let us all bring this to the forefront of our attention. Let us all take a moment to think about all of our friends and family members and let us pray that they are safe in their relationships. Let us all hope that IF we do come across someone in a dangerous situation, we can have the clarity to not judge, but to listen with an open ear and an open heart. 

2 thoughts on “Why don’t they just leave?

  1. “Individuals experiencing abuse find it nearly impossible to trust their own perceptions and emotions. They feels as though they are going insane, even though most are quite sane, but are in insane family and insane circumstances.”
    I think that sums it up. People take for granted that reality is a fixed thing, when in actuality is is quite easy to manipulate. If there is nothing else I will leave this world with, I will at least leave with the lesson learned of not to judge.

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