It’s official, I am back in school

After all of the hullaballo from last weeks attempt to enroll in the local community college,  I am officially enrolled. I start class tomorrow night. Class officially started last week. Yeah, already a week late. So, as I remember from college 15 years ago, I looked online and found my assignment that is due tomorrow. 
I can not install this program that I need. But I am not panicking. My homework is done. A six slide power-point that I am sure I over did. I don’t care. I am going to show these young kids how it’s done in the real world.  I am only taking 1 class-Information Technology. In other words, computers for dummy’s.  Its an 11 week class, and I am pretty sure I will get an A. There is really not anything that I do not know, however, I am NOT looking forward to this term-paper I have to write. But, when I was in Rutgers University I was an English major so I am sure that paper will not be so bad.

Class is only on Wednesday night, 6-9:25. It is only for 11 weeks. I  am pretty excited.  This is the next step to the rest of my life. This is the new beginning for me and my family. I even bought a pair of sweats with the schools name on them. It’s official, I am a college student

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