It is always 3


 After almost 3 months to the day, I am back on the road. My car is back on the road. In true Abby fashion, its not totally kosher, but its on the road.  I still need a signal light (my current one sprung a leak and now looks like a fish-tank), the computer needs to be reset so all the warning lights will finally go out, but I am on the road. So that’s my first 3.

Here is another 3. I have been at my job for 3 years. Happy Anniversary to me. To celebrate, I got snubbed by the lovely people I work with. A few people talked shit about me in Spanish literally right in front of me ( yeah I comprende amigos), and to top it off one of my wonderful coworkers decided to open the door for a bunch of people and let it close right as I was about to walk through (and yes they looked right at me so I know they saw me).

I just started a 3 credit college class after not taking any classes in 13 years. I wore the number 3 when I played High School Varsity Basketball (yes fatty mcsexy has not always been so rotund) . I am number 3 kid. My birthday is in the 3rd month on the 30th day. 3 is my number. It has always been my lucky number.  All the good things in my life happen when the number 3 is involved.

 The best 3 that I have are my kids. No matter how rude people are to me at work, I have 3 little faces looking at me all day long. I have their 3 little faces watching me, calming me, and making me laugh. Many people say bad things come in 3‘s but I disagree. For me 3 is lucky, 3 is wonderful. For me it is always 3.  

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