Because I am really very lucky


That is a picture of my breakfast from Sunday morning. My favorite-eggs over easy. And yes, they are in the shape of a heart. Because I am really very lucky. I have been through a lot. 2 absent fathers for my sons, 1 man who was mentally, and physically abusive. Then I found my current. I went into it thinking that this would be fun and almost 4 years later we are truly a family. He is the only father my sons know. He took the responsibility of raising two young children when their own fathers were unwilling to.  He took me on, with all my PTSD, all my crazy issues-legal, mental, and physical. He stood by my side when even I would have walked out on myself.

We have hard times. Everyone does. But we stick it out no matter how many times we both say we will part ways.  He is a pain in my butt and I am a pain in his. But through it all, he is a wonderful and loving man. Someone that I never thought I would be blessed to have in my life. I always like to say that it’s the little things that count, and making my eggs into the shape of a heart is one of those little things. It meant so much to me. It was more precious a gift then a piece of jewelry. 

9 thoughts on “Because I am really very lucky

  1. The way you describe your relationship with your husband reminds me of that P!nk song “True Love” where she’s like “At the same time I wanna hug you, I want to wrap my hands around your neck.” I suppose that’s just the way it goes 😉 Keep thinking positive, that’s the key to it all I suppose. And I’m totally jealous of your egg heart skills. I’m lucky if I manage to get them onto the plate without disaster.

    • Oh those skills are his all the way! lol i can hardly make the eggs over easy!!!
      I agree-we are in a love hate relationship..i totally love him and he loves me but there are times i want to throw him against a wall-but i mean i think thats the REAL reality of life! I mean its weird to me to be all happy and go lucky all the time time-like the duggers-
      i was watching 19 kids kids and counting, and I mean like really lady you NEVER yell at your kids…of the patience she must have! lol

  2. Dear friend, I have to say instead of luck, I think you are blessed. Luck is random happenstance. Saying it’s luck is a way to brush your value off to the side like who you are as a woman doesn’t really have much to do with it. When you find someone who sticks with you no matter how crazy we get, despite our issues and flaws and bad days, because they choose to focus on the good and can be merciful and compassionate and loiving anmd forgiving about the baggage….. Honey, that is a blessing. One that we ended up with because after it all, we deserve it.

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