I should have shoplifted from Walmart

OK, so I don’t steal. It’s one of those lines that I just don’t cross. But after going to traffic court this week, I may just reconsider it. After making an illegal right turn (right after 3 other cars, might I add) at 7:30 in the morning about a month ago, it was finally my day in court. The ticket was stupid. The cop was being a jerk-I mean I get it, I can’t make a turn there. BUT I am not from this area, there is no U-Turn sign at the weird little circle/jughandle (if you are not from NJ, you will have no idea what these turns are, because we are the only ones in the country with these instant death traps), and I was literally behind 3 other cars doing the exact same thing. As I pulled into the parking lot of the diner to drop of my finance I almost ran this cop over-I swear I didn’t see him.


After 5 minutes of me explaining my driving history (which is clean for the most part) and letting him know that I really had no idea that I couldn’t turn there and asking HOW was I supposed to get into the diner parking lot if I didn’t turn where I turned, he got back into his patrol car, and gave me 2 tickets. 1 for an illegal turn, and 1 for not having my son in a safety seat. Now, the safety seat issue was also stupid because according to the State of NJ DMV website, if an older car has a lap belt only, you can not put a booster seat, and since I was borrowing my moms car for an HOUR, I was not about to pay the dealership $500.00 for a 5 point harness. But he was so considerate to let me know AFTER he issued the ticket how to use the un-posted U-Turn.

But I digress, back to my day in court. I get to the municipal court house and wait. The courtroom is brand new and the Judge seemed pretty cool. As they are calling the roster, there are a few traffic violations, but what struck me was the amount of people shoplifting from Wal-Mart. Yes, Wal-Mart. So I go to speak to the prosecutor and of course to get a no-point ticket, this broke bitch has to pay $400.00 plus court fines PLUS a 3 year surcharge from the state for $100.00 per year. Lovely. As I wait to speak to the judge I am listening to the other cases and all of those shoplifters got downgraded to a disorderly person and had a fine of $200.00. REALLY? REALLY? So even though I do not steal, it would have costed me less to just shoplift from Wal-Mart.


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