Fatty Mcfatty soon to be Skinny Mcsexy

Six stupid reasons to do something really smart

This is the last weekend of me being fat. I’m actually serious this time. What I am NOT going to do is make false claims of wanting to be healthier. I want to wear a bikini…outside.
Some of my other goals are:
1. Not having muffin top when buttoning my jeans
2. No back fat
3. Short shorts without a display cottage cheese
4. Tank tops that actually look good
5. I want to NOT be embarrassed and go to every outdoor event, beach, pool, and water park

I do not have a plan yet but I guess I’ll start at not eating total crap and maybe parking further away from the entrance of wherever it is that I’m going.

So I don’t care that my reasons are not pure or may seem stupid, it’s still a very smart decision.

18 thoughts on “Six stupid reasons to do something really smart

      • You will totally hate me. I have not exercised, saved the walking I do on Saturdays out in service and fidgeting at work because I have so much energy I can’t sit still. I am on a meal replacement plan with 5 being replacements and one meal with protein and greens. I will look at the carb count later on one of my replacements so I can ballpark a number for you. Really what it is is not eating bread and rice and potato – except sometimes 😉 and eating smaller amounts keeps your metabolism going without spikes in blood sugar. I need to start exercising because I have energy I cant get rid of. I feel like I could walk to work carrying the house over my head. It’s kind of crazy 🙂

        PS — 4 a.m. and I are totally not friends. I am working 6-6 today and I want to sleep. LOL

  1. Have we all gained weight as a result of this shitty life? I am at an all time high. I do go to the gym but it basically keeps me from getting bigger. I have no lost anything substantial. I have done everything and it’s not that I over eat. I’m not a cake, cookies, ice cream kinda girl either. Carbs are my drug of choice…bread, pasta, rice…pizza. Add that to sitting at the computer 8-10 hours a day and that’s why I am where I am. I remember when I used to be a size 5 and do the Jane Fonda workout because I thought I was too “thick”. It’s probably the one thing my husband never complained about. But when the subject comes up I tell him I can lose a minimum of 200 pounds like THAT (snaps fingers loudly)….by throwing his ass off of my couch and into the street. For some reason he laughs and thinks I am flirting with him. WTF??

    Oh well, good luck to you Lefty! Abby, it seems were are in the same boat and Marie…kudos for losing 47 pounds but even if Abby denies it…I hate you for not having to exercise!! 🙂 J/K xx

    • Hysterical. I think its the depression. I mean I have it under control for the most part but there is still stress associated and the weight is still here. You should take a look at this post: http://wp.me/p3gUwR-rE
      Thats what I looked like the summer before I got preg. with my oldest.

      • Yeah, I’ve seen that pic. You don’t look bad at all. You’re top heavy which isn’t always a bad thing. I’m pear shaped and after a while it goes from bad to worse. I’ve always said it was because of being depressed and sad all the time. I actually enjoy going to the gym but I need to stop the nonsense and finally start doing for myself and get back on track. I know once I commit wholeheartedly I’ll get back to where I once was.

  2. Huzzah, I love it! These are more realistic goals anyway– and totally achievable. I too need to start reigning myself in… I seem to either eat decently and loathe exercising or I develop a decent gym habit and then go to the gym right after. *sigh* This is a good time to start though, plenty of time to get in shape before it warms up. I’m rooting for ya!

    • lol dont feel bad, i havent done didly since the last commitment but i went to the kids dr and weighed myself and 205 is not acceptable…its time,,,

    • lol thanks!!! I mean at this point, I have no choice as per my dr-i lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks but I think its because that damn dr scared the hell out of me!! I guess whatever works right!

  3. i have found your diet alone helps a lot loosing weight. lots of veggies and fresh fruit. also americans servings are not normal portions. we just eat too much! i went to a weight loss workshop awhile back. try seeing how many calories a day you eat and you will be surprised how quickly it adds up. do exercise that u like and will stick to. my biggest problem exercising is i do it for awhile and then quit. i have also decided i am tired of the cottage cheese thighs. i have dogs to walk, so that helps. and while i am watching TV, I am on my stair stepper. 🙂 you don’t need a gym membership to exercise.

    • So true! I am a pretty good eater-I have since stopped snacking at night and have been making better food choices. I did join a gym because I know I will not work out without that. I went yesterday for the first time and although I was out walked on the elliptical by a 70 year old, I did the bike for 30 minutes and felt pretty good. My goals are simple-1-2 pounds a week….If I can keep that up, I will be down 60 lbs by the end of July…

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