The new do…



So this is my new haircut. It is not EXACTLY what I wanted…the back is too short and the front angle is not as deep as I wanted-oh and I was going for shoulder length…BUT it is still A LOT better then my hair was a few weeks ago. From all the bleaching this summer I had a mop of shoulder length straw on the top of my head. AND now at least I can wear my hair down…Next is to get the roots to match the color on the bottom-which may be hard because that is a mix of so many colors, but I am sure I can find a stylest to figure it out.

Dont mind the look on my face-no I am not in a bad mood, but I did take that picture after dropping the boys at daycare at 745 this morning, and well I havent had my coffee yet so I am not officially awake! But I did promise a pic and if I can figure out how to do it, I will show the back as well…


2 thoughts on “The new do…

  1. You look adorable, buttercup šŸ™‚

    Save the occasional manintenance trim and shaping as it gets longer, I am done with cutting quest. Kevin has been sufficiently cut and coloured out of my hair, and I really want it long like it used to be. I never wanted it cut to begin with, but Kevin decided to ambush me with scissors when I got out of the shower… on two occasions. His only comment during the weeks I sobbed my eyes out over it was: “Stupid b**** cut the crying. I told you I hate long hair. Maybe next time you’ll listen. It didn’t have to be this way.”

    He did a hack job. Deliberately. He knew I babied my hair and he knew it would bother me. In fact, he did such a bad job cutting it off that the girl who did my hair the first time went out of her way to show me just how uneven it was before she had to chop off four inches… just to even it out.

    Girl please.. that look on your face aint’ nothin! šŸ™‚ I can make some looks that would scare you. Haha

    • It was the exact opposite with my abuser he insisted it stay long and no bangs so I of course cut it all the time and have bangs most of the time. I mean he doesn’t see me ever but I know…..

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