Seriously, are you STILL stalking my blog?

I am not that interesting you crazy bitches. I do not care what you say, how you act, or really anything that has to do with you all nut jobs. You know who you are and I know who you are. You see, one of the great things about WordPress, is that I can see where there are searches for my blog. It’s ABBBZ-yes 3 B’s, not 2. Really, how many times are you going to mess that up? So,while I would love to think that you all are stalking my blog because you think it’s interesting and funny, I know you are all waiting for me to talk about you. Well, this is the last blog that will even mention you box of coco puffs. So hope you enjoyed your five minutes of importance, but I would really rather talk about my daughters poopy diapers. 


9 thoughts on “Seriously, are you STILL stalking my blog?

  1. They must not have a life to be stepping in on yours. Sorry you have to deal with it. Just ignore them until they get bored.

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